UUCT Acronyms

A: Awareness Room
AFD: Adult Faith Development
Ba: Barnum Room
Bl: Blackwell Room
B & G: Buildings and Grounds Committee
BOT: Board of Trustees
CDT: Campus Dream Team
CC: Covenant Circles
COM: Committee on Ministry
E: Emerson Room
ET: Executive Team
FC: Finance Committee
F: Fuller Room
G: Goddard Hall
GK: Goddard Kitchen
GL: Goddard Library
H: Holland Sanctuary
HA: Holland Alcove
HL: Holland Lobby
ICUU: International Council of Unitarians and Universalists
K: King Room
LFD: Lifespan Faith Development
LFDC: Lifespan Faith Development Council
LFDD: Lifespan Faith Development Director
MO: Minister’s Office
NMD: No More Deaths
NCLDT: Nominating Committee & Leadership Development Team
OC: off campus
OWL: Our Whole Lives Lifespan Sexuality Education
P: patio
PSWD: Pacific Southwest District
PWRA: Pacific Western Region Assembly
RE: Religious Education
S: Servetus Room
SMT: Stewardship Ministry Team
SP: Strategic Plan
SRI: Socially Responsible Investing
TBIRDS: Winter Members, Friends, Visitors
UUA: Unitarian Universalist Association
UUCT: Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson
YAC: Young Adult Committee
YRUU: Young Religious Unitarian Universalists