Looking to expand your social connections?

If you are new to UUCT, or a current member looking for more ways to connect with other members, check out our online Volunteer Interest Form. The new form gives you a quick way to learn more about UUCT interest activities and volunteer opportunities. Joining an interest group or volunteering is a great way to increase socialization and contribute to the greater good.

  • Groups for Social Support & Shared Interests
    You will find information about groups for social support and shared interests – everything from book clubs to parenting groups.
  • Operations & Infrastructure
    From landscaping to social justice, there are many ways your volunteer efforts can keep our church diverse, vital and productive.
  • UU Groups Outside of UUCT
    Widen your UU world with other Unitarian interest groups.

To get more information and/or sign up for an interest group or volunteer, complete the online Volunteer Interest Form.

After you submit the form, you’ll be matched up with the lead contact person who, in turn will reach out to you with more information.