Annual Meeting

Article X - Bylaw Change for May 1 2022

Bylaw Changes (Submitted by the congregation, presented by the Stephen Kraynak):

Change to bylaws to add a new article, Article X-  The language of this proposed amendment was discussed and "word-smithed" extensively among all present at the UUCT Social Justice Council meeting in June 2021. Article X has been advertised in UUCT communications and discussed among various members of the UUChurch of Tucson who participated in one or more of the four "second hour" Sunday sessions, in October and November, 2021 and January and March, 2022. 


Commitment to Anti-Oppression, Equity, Inclusiveness & Diversity

Section 1     The Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson declares and affirms its responsibility to become anti-oppressive and equitable and to serve the full diversity of those who resonate with our theological tradition.

Our flame of love and justice requires our active and deep commitment to the flourishing and full inclusion of Black people, Indigenous people, People of Color, and members of other historically marginalized groups.

We hold our Board of Trustees, Ministry Leadership, staff, members and friends accountable and active in promoting, engaging, reflecting upon, and implementing measurable systemic changes to dismantle oppression, racism, and white supremacy culture.       


  • Social Justice Council & Racial Justice Team
  1. Stephen Kraynak
  2. Kate Schleinkofer
  3. MaryHolly Allison
  4. Aston Bloom
  5. Sue Watts
  6. Margi Magruder
  7. Christina Klock
  8. Margo Newhouse
  9. Emily Sullivan
  10. Jim Hannley
  11. Diana Barber
  12. Bob Gordon
  • Worship Associates
  1. Carrie Cooper
  2. Celeste Rogers
  3. Bert Meek
  • Welcome & Membership Team
  1. Judy Jessing
  2. Jan Healey
  3. Joan Feldman
  4. Cathy Dinsmore
  • Ushers & Greeters
  1. Eve Hady
  2. Stephanie Parker