Annual Meeting

Governance Plan for 2022-2023

2022-2023 Governance Plan for UUCT

UUCT Governance Plan 2022-2023

This document describes how UUCT shall be governed and administered during the church year 2022-2023 to benefit the congregation.  Whenever possible, governance and administrative decisions are collaborative between elected and appointed leaders, the Minister, and the staff.

Published policies adopted by past and current Board of Trustees and currently in effect shall be followed by all members, friends, and staff of UUCT unless overridden by Board action.

The UUCT Bylaws shall be followed and may not be overridden by this document.

The Letter of Agreement between UUCT and the Minister defines the governance and administrative responsibilities and the prerogatives of the Minister. This includes shared leadership, leadership of worship, and supervision of staff. 

Staff governance and administrative responsibilities are defined by their job descriptions and as delegated by the Minister.

All governance, administrative, and oversight responsibilities not covered by the preceding are the Board of Trustees' responsibility.

Governance and administrative decisions by the Board of Trustees shall be made by a quorum of the Board of Trustees in one of the following ways:

1.  In regular, open meetings or in executive session when privacy considerations are required.

2.  By email through the UUCT Board of Trustees mailing list. Email decisions require that there be no dissent.  Lack of an email reply within three days of the call for a decision shall constitute tacit approval.

The Board of Trustees shall publish all their decisions in official, online minutes or email blasts to the congregation.

In an emergency, defined as anything needing Board of Trustees approval that cannot wait until the next scheduled meeting or email discussion, the appropriate portfolio holder (see below) may give authorization, consent, or if he/she is not immediately available, any other Trustee may be asked for authorization or consent.

The Board of Trustees shall appoint a Treasurer and Financial Secretary. The Treasurer has authority over UUCT's operational and reserve accounts, issuance of payments, and supervision of the bookkeeper.  The Financial Secretary has authority over handling received pledges, donations, and gifts and depositing them in UUCT's accounts. The Treasurer and Financial Secretary shall report to the Vice President of Finance and work with the Church Administrator and Finance Committee.

Oversight of the Church's activities shall fall under administrative portfolios, each of which shall be the responsibility of a board member assigned to that portfolio. Some activities may span portfolios. The portfolios and the activities assigned to them are as follows:


  • Worship Associates
  • Alternate Worship/Vespers
  • Music
  • Ushers and Greeters
  • Audio/Video team
  • Goddard Streaming
  • Flowers


  • Facilities team
  • COVID Taskforce


  • LFD Staff
  • Nursery Staff
  • Weather Trackers


  • Finance Committee
  • Treasurer
  • Financial Secretary
  • Bookkeeper
  • No More Deaths (financial aspects)


  • Membership and Welcoming Committee
  • Fundraising Team


  • Social Justice Council
  • Interfaith Community Services
  • Share the Plate


  • Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA)
  • Pacific Western Region (PWR) 
  • Unitarian Universalist Justice in Arizona Network (UUJAZ)
  • Mountain Vista UU, Borderlands UU, Sky Island UU
  • Website, Facebook, Twitter
  • E-blast, Order of Service
  • 22nd Street Sign
  • Order of Service
  • UUCT Facebook page


  • Care Team
  • Grief Group
  • Men's Group
  • Conversation Among Friends
  • Kitchen Ministry
  • TBIRDs
  • Book Club
  • LGBTQIA+ Group and TIHAN (Tucson Interfaith HIV-Aids Network)
  • Quilters


  • Administration
  • Personnel Committee
  • Baja 4 Governance

It is expected, though the Board may choose otherwise, that the Operations portfolio will be held by the Vice President for Administration, and the Finance portfolio will be held by the Vice President for Finance.

The assignment of portfolios to board members will be an action of the Board at its first meeting of the church year and updated as needed. The portfolio holder will:

  1. Solicit and receive regular reports from the leaders of the activities in the portfolio.
  2. Submit a monthly portfolio summary report to the Board, and this report will be published online for the congregation.
  3. Make decisions on behalf of the BOT on routine and emergency matters and bring other issues requiring governance decisions to the entire Board. Those decisions will be included in the portfolio report to the Board.
  4. Participate, as appropriate, in committee meetings within the portfolio as ex-officio Board liaison.
  5. Monitor the portfolio's health and identify potential concerns to the Board and Minister.
  6. Work with groups to produce a mission, covenant, or statement of purpose.
  7. Request from the portfolio groups a report each April that highlights activities and accomplishments from the previous year and compile them into a portfolio report published in the Annual Report to the congregation.
  8. Act as a liaison between the Board and congregation members who have ideas, concerns, or suggestions related to the portfolio.